Keep Moving – Pigeon Stretch

The pigeon stretch is a highly utilized mobility drill.  And for good reason.  It is a great “catch-all” of both the anterior and posterior chain muscle groups that can be easily transitioned into prerequisite movements such as the back, front, and overhead squat, as well as the more dynamic and progressive olympic lifts. Unfortunately, many […]

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Identify, Prioritize, Execute, Succeed

Regardless of your issues, limitations, or injuries, a process of identification, prioritization, and execution must be employed to achieve a success.  This video highlights that process for me in an area of limitation… the high bar back squat.  However, the concepts behind the success are consistent and provide the foundation for how we help patients […]

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It’s all Jacked! Now What?

Life is short and mobility exercises are many. Solution? Kill a restriction flock with one mobility stone. This video opens up the potential to isolate at the ankle, but to also address problems at the knee, foot, toes, hips, and many more if you use your imagination. Really?…. YES! Mobilizations are done to improve and […]

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Ankle Dorsiflexion MovMob

To many, the lack of ankle dorsiflexion is the creepy uncle that always embarrasses everyone at holiday parties.  You want it to go away, but it is genetically tide to you… forever. Well, unlike your creepy uncle ankle dorsiflexion restriction can be eradicated over time.  Some or all of these concepts utilized on a daily […]

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