Low Back Pain and the Hip

We all get stuck in technological posture. We all get pulled forward by anything and everything in our lives. No wonder so many of us struggle with low back pain.  It is doesn’t end with just aches and pains.  It can progress to moderate do severe pain and even numbness, tingling, and burning pain that […]

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My Low Back is Killing Me!

It is something that everyone has said, is saying, or will say.  Statistics pretty much confirm that everyone has had, is having, or will have low back pain. The unfortunate thing is that many people just live with it, accepting it as NORMAL! Normal is pain free at rest.  So, there is nothing normal about […]

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Muscle-Up Success Stories

Congratulations to all of the members and followers who put in the time to understand the muscle-up and pullup progression and THEN grind through the work necessary to make a goal an accomplishment! Sherri, from Sullivan CrossFit, was one of the many to take a huge step forward.  Not only did she get her first […]

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