Headaches, Neck Pain, Shoulder Issues – Too Much Trap

We consistently see patients who suffer from chronic and/or repetitive neck and shoulder pain as well as headaches.

Many times these individuals will have too much tension or muscle development in the upper traps.  You know, the muscles at the top of your shoulder that travel into your neck… where you hold your stress!

It is so important to restructure the body.  Restructure in terms of posture and in terms of movement.

That means that instead of using the upper traps, we learn to use the lower traps and lats.  And we don’t just learn to use these muscle every once in awhile.  We use them almost always.  We posture with them.

I know it sounds simple because it is.  The difficulty is always in the perception and awareness.

Will you be able to perceive yourself falling out of good position and will you be aware of how to correct it.

We can help.

Good Luck and Keep Moving,



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