A Key to Healthy Living – Front Squat

The front squat is a very difficult movement for many people to understand let alone perform.  It asks our body to do one thing with the upper extremity and the opposite with the lower extremity.  Sounds simple enough, but many who have tried it get frustrated with it’s complexities.

The major difficulty is keeping the spine stable and neutral throughout the movement.  To do so requires decent if not full range of motion and accompanied strength through the hips and shoulder complex.  Without such capability, we inevitably pick up to slack in the spine through hyper flexion (collapsing toward the bottom) or hyper extension (compressing the knees and low back).

I know, this isn’t really that important because it will take years before discs are herniated, lives are ruined, and joints are destroyed past the point of repair.  So yeah, not really that big of a deal… unless you plan on living past 30 and maintaining basic physical capabilities.

Okay, that may have been a little harsh… but, the reality is that dominating a technically sound front squat will unleash amazing capability in your physical life and avoid the aforementioned pain, incapacitation, and severe and premature degeneration.

Good Luck and Keep Moving,


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