My Low Back is Killing Me!

It is something that everyone has said, is saying, or will say.  Statistics pretty much confirm that everyone has had, is having, or will have low back pain.

The unfortunate thing is that many people just live with it, accepting it as NORMAL!

Normal is pain free at rest.  So, there is nothing normal about having low back pain.

But there is a reason for the paradox.  The body will fool us into thinking that the remedy for improving low back pain is to stretch, tug, or press on the area that hurts.  This will produce a short break in the symptoms but it does nothing to reduce the cause of the ache… in fact, it probably makes it worse.

Though counter-intuitive, attacking the front of the hip and the lower abdomen with stretching, mashing, and mobilizing will help restore a normal lumbar curve and an opportunity to heal in a “normal” environment.

This video will highlight how to make this a reality and hopefully increase your understanding of your options as well as reduce your discomfort.

Good Luck and Keep Moving,


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