18.1 – 8 Keys to Maximizing Capacity

No Natalie, from CrossFit Valley Park, I don’t have a direct line to Dave Castro.  And Yes Rick, from CrossFit O’Fallon, I will be getting tutorials out on muscle ups, pistols and double unders soon.

However, we focus today on 18.1.  This workout is a major test in the following areas

  1. Grip/Cardio Capacity – It’s a 5K, so don’t go out too fast or too slow… calm through 5 minutes, okay through 15, grind to 20
  2. Low Back Management – Hip Hinge vs. Low Back Flex
  3. Find Your “Efficient” Toe to Bar – Don’t get sloppy with your legs and low back
  4. Don’t Struggle Through TTB reps, break them up or do singles when necessary – This is a MUST
  5. KBS or Front Rack return of dumbell?  Doesn’t matter, just find a rythym and practice this a lot prior to doing the workout
  6. Stay Tight and Quick in the Bottom POSITIONS of the Clean and Jerk – short bits of work, mostly rest
  7. Sprint-ish Start in the Row – Get some cals going early to cruise late
  8. Be efficient with your low back stability and hip drive

The video highlights details about each point and shows a progression of my workout to give you an idea of what you are up against regarding maintenance of consistency for efficiency.

Good Luck and Keep Moving


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