Squat Clean – Priming a Better Bottom Position

The last post Three Position Clean, focused on the accuracy (okay, inaccuracy) of my three lifts.  The 2nd was by far the best and that was due to the work I did prior to lifting.

Okay… what was that?

It is a simple “catch-all” type mobilization that will open the front part of the hip for elevating the bar, while at the same mobilizing the front leg for receiving the bar in the bottom of a great front squat.

Many “restriction” birds… one “mobility” stone.

So many times we see patients and athletes wasting time trying to get bendy with a stretch or aimlessly flopping on a foam roller.

This video will highlight some options for finding POSITION with TENSION for the capability of FORCE PRODUCTION/POWER.


position without tension = flexibility

position with tension = mobility

One leads to domination of the physical existence; the other leads to misery and disaster.

Yes, it is black and white like that!

Good Luck & Keep Moving


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