3 Position Clean – Finding a good “bottom” position

Olympic lifting, much like gymnastics, it’s something that we all dabble in but might not work on enough to master.

It only makes sense… that stuff is HARD!

As you progress along with your technique, many times the bottom position (the receiving position) of the squat clean becomes a glaring weakness.  This is true because you have to trust yourself enough to catch a heavy-ass weight in option position AND TENSION.

That last part means catching in the best squat position ever… not, pooping in the woods (although a functional thing).

This really is the essence of ACCURACY and is something that isn’t discussed on a regular basis in gyms, online platforms, whatever.

So, we will dive in into the variance of a failed attempt at a 3 position clean.  You will notice that each lift is (unfortunately for me) different.  The important thing to take away is understanding where you might be making the same mistakes.  If you realize this, then you can modify your training accordingly to start dominating more.

Good luck and Keep Moving!

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