Keep Moving – Tension v. Restriction

We talk about this all the time with the “bendy-er” people that seek our expertise.

When we put these individuals into good position, they often look at us with an offended grimace that says, “why have you taken me out of my world of relaxation and tranquility and dropped me into this crap-storm of discomfort?”

Well the answer is simple.  You need to be aware of, find, keep, maintain, commit to, and fully adhere to muscular tension throughout all types of human movement in order to be safe, stable, and strong.

Unfortunately, many of these individuals don’t like being drawn from their destabilizing relaxation and tranquility and struggle to find progression of their physical being.  They continue down a path of confusion as they traverse the world of “bendy”-experts with the hopes of finding the perfect STRETCH, MOBILIZATION, or POSE that will solve their chronic pain cycle.

The truth has already been discussed.  Tension equals stability and the opportunity for elastic recoil.  In other words, the sensation of tension is the mind-body confirmation that muscles are being utilized as intended – RUBBER BANDS not STRICT CONTRACTILE UNITS.  Without muscular tension, ligaments and bones are left with the task of picking up the slack (PUN INTENDED).  Such a scenario will quickly produce inflammatory over-use via misuse of the system… PAIN!

No stretch, mobilization, or pose exists that will break that cycle.  Being aware of, finding, keeping, maintaining, committing to, and fully adhering to muscular tension is the only thing that will create balance, stability, strength, and recovery in the body.  It is the only thing that can break the chronic pain cycle in the “bendy” athlete.

On the contrary, STRETCHES, MOBILIZATIONS, and/or POSES that attack restrictions and produce greater range of motion within intended movement patterns are perfect for the “restricted” athlete.  Yet, both the “bendy” and the “restricted” athlete will feel the same sensation of “tension” as they progress through the crap-storm of discomfort toward perfection.

Good Luck and #KeepMoving


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