Keep Moving – Squat Clean

Many times, and rightfully so, there is a large focus on the pull progression with the olympic lifts.  This dynamic, multi-joint event is based on position and timing.  If things go wrong with the pull, than many bad things happen with the lift and with the body.

This video does talk briefly about the pull pattern but focuses more on finding and maintaining the laws of a prerequisite movement – FRONT SQUAT.

If you are like me (and since I’m not specially many people are) you struggle not with displacing the bar from the ground to the front rack, but with standing the bar up with a good front squat.

This video highlights the following:

  1. Bottom of the Squat Position
  2. Front Rack Maintenance
  3. Hip:Shoulder Ratio
  4. Compensatory Knee Shear

Hopefully you are a rock-star with your squat clean.  However, if you have some struggles this video should help.

Good Luck and Keep Moving

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