Not Just Chiro – Seated Worship to Plank

People love to stretch their low back.  But does it really help?

The short answer is no, it doesn’t help for more than a short time before the pain is back and the repetitive trip to the medicine cabinet resumes.

Why is this true?

Most people round too much through their low back during a stretch.  Since we do this chronically in slouched seated posture the low back stretch is little more than an intensification of the problem.

This exercise highlights a very simple and effective way to get a “decompression” effect in the low back through full spine lengthening.  More importantly, it discusses the importance of the hip hinge; something that is incredibly effective in protecting and stabilizing the low back.

Hopefully this video reduces your tendency to stretch the low back and reduces your need to even try.

Good Luck and Keep Moving

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