Snatch Breakdown – Power and Hang Squat

Olympic lifting (weightlifting) is an intoxicating progression within any strength and conditioning program.  Yes, squats, deadlifts and presses (powerlifting) are fine and dandy, but there is something about effortlessly combining these prerequisite skills into a graceful display of strength and, more specifically, POWER!

But just like other intoxicating things, olympic lifting has its risks if abused.  Hitting poor positions through poor mechanics with high levels of momentum and ballistic loading can prove damaging to shoulders, wrists, knees, and the spine as well.

This video will breakdown the power and hang squat snatch so that you have a baseline knowledge and reference of the following:

  1. Starting position
  2. First pull (bar from ground to above the knee)
  3. Second pull (bar from above the knee to power position)
  4. Full Extension
  5. Third pull (shrug underneath the bar)
  6. Catch (criss-cross stability from top to bottom)

Remember, that there is always room for improvement and you don’t have to be perfect.  On the contrary, you should have prerequisite capability, awareness, and understanding of the above-referenced movements, positions, and transitions in order to progress safely, experience longevity, and enjoy the intoxication of a quality PR.

Good luck and Keep Moving


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