Not Just Chiro – Thoracic Spine Extension Roll


The world is a cruel and unusual place for many people, but for everyone’s posture.

We are chronically pulled forward into technological posture in our desk, using laptops and smartphones, and even driving in our vehicles.  This chronic pull does not discriminate; it attacks us all.

Fortunately this video will provide an option, albeit a more intense option, but an option for you to correct this forward pull and achieve a balance spine.

Some key considerations and focus points.

  1. Start at the beginning… not the end – I know this may sound silly, but many patients will try to force themselves into the position you see in the video.  Remember that I have been doing this mobilization for about 8 months and have significantly increase my range of motion INCREMENTALLY over that time.
  2. Hips start and stay on the ground, breath your head and arms down and around the roller – Much like #1, patients and athletes will try to over-power their tissue in a futile attempt to create new range of motion.  Don’t be that guy!  Relax, breath and slowly progress.  Though your initial gains will be small they will remain consistent and you will achieve full range of motion in a much more efficient and comfortable manner… well, “relatively” comfortable.
  3. Don’t get lazy in one spot or lazy with the arms – You will notice that I shift to multiple positions trying to “seek and destroy” restricted tissue.  At times, it will be tempting to camp out in a “cleared” or comfortable position.  Don’t; embrace the relaxing grind.  You will also see me frequently driving my elbows together and behind me as opposed to letting them fall to the side.  This does many important things, but specifically it protracts and posteriorly tilts the scapulae by activating the lats and serratus anterior (very important stabilizers of the shoulder blade) to produce an overhead position that is optimal and free of IMPINGEMENT!
  4. FIND THIS MOBILIZATION IN YOUR MOVEMENTS – Anything that requires a front rack position (front squat, power cleans, squat cleans, thrusters, clusters, push press, jerks , wallball, etc.) will stand to see huge improvements from this mobilization.  That is, if you connect the mobilization to the movement.  Neglecting to have this carry-over will waste your time and officially make you a masochist.  Again, don’t be that guy.

Hopefully this helps.
Good Luck and Keep Moving



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