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We say it all the time –

I wish we did something that was like “Rocket Science”, but we don’t.  It is actually very simple, you just have to do it.

And therein lies the problem.  We are distracted so much in our day to day lives with meetings, kids, friends, responsibilities, neighbors, co-workers, computers, travel, social media, Netflix, and the list is endless.

But lets be honest.  Those are really just excuses.

Sorry, but I’m pretty blunt and would rather not waste time (take this moment to imagine me patting your back and being empathetic… hopefully that helps).

All kidding aside, the truth is that all of those people, situations, or activities do not prevent us from finding better positions, moving correctly, and/or mobilizing to achieve either.

So why are they excuses and not opportunities?

  1. We don’t feel comfortable doing what is best for our body in any and all situations
  2. We fail to identify an opportunity when it is right under our nose

Listen, I’m not perfect by a long shot.  However, I am proud to say that I am never uncomfortable doing what is right for my body.  Some of you may not be on the same level, and that’s okay (for now).

If you are that person that struggles on the level of comfort, I want to challenge you with this exercise:

  • Say this out loud – “I’m comfortable with allowing my body and its capabilities to DECAY for the PERCEPTION of comfort.”

If you are on board with that statement, than you currently have or will definitely develop major problems in the future and should seek assistance immediately.  Hopefully, it will make you cringe a little and force you out of your comfort zone… the only place that improvements are made.

I believe that most failures are due to a lack of identification of opportunities that are readily available.  This is also the reason we came up with the tag-line “never miss an opportunity.”

If you are in this group, I want to challenge you with this exercise:

  • Find 10 times throughout the day that you could correct your posture, train a movement pattern, or mobilize to achieve either.

Since our rehab and homework is designed to take anywhere from 15 seconds to no more than 5 minutes, this should not be a problem.  It will also help you identify the waste and lack of efficiency you may have in your life.

All this sound blunt??? (reference the imagination drill at the top)

Once more, all kidding aside, we want your health and the dominance of your physical existence to be a subconscious habit; something that involves no planning, budgeting, or extra work.  It is just a part of who you are that allows for you to be a better version of yourself on all levels.

Get out of your comfort zone, identify your opportunities, and then dominate!

Good Luck and Keep Moving,



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