Scapular Retractions and Protraction – SCAPTIONS

In both active and sedentary populations, a disconnect between stability and movement of the upper extremity exists at an alarming rate.

“What?” you ask.

The capability to slightly modify shoulder blade position gives the body a chance to stabilize the arms, neck, and head throughout full neck and shoulder range of motion.  However, if it is not capable (as it is not in a large group of people), the entire “core of the arm” destabilizes to leave multiple tissue vulnerable to injury… rotator cuff tears, labral tears, sprain/strains, disc herniations, impingement, degeneration, and the list goes on.

This video will show 2 variations of scapular retraction for the athlete with respect to the overhead position.  Yet, they can easily be modified for the sedentary person for the same benefit.

Enjoy and keep moving

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