16.5 – Understand and Embrace

16.5 is a repeat of 14.5, the dreaded combination of two hated movements in functional exercise. Yet, these two movements aren’t that difficult on paper.

A thruster is a very light front squat to a very light push press. A burpee is a controlled fall and a multi-joint sit up. The problem is that most people are extremely inefficient with both the “work” portion of the movement as well as the “rest” portion. FIND YOUR FRONT RACK both on the way up and on the way down with the thruster and life will get much better. Breath and recover in your burpee and only “work” when hips pop up and leg/legs come forward.

Finally, know your number.  Mine was “12”.  In the rounds of 21, 18, and 15, I broke at 12 for a quick rest.  This allowed me to continue unbroken from 12 all the way down to 3.  A small amount of early rest will yield a huge amount of saved time in the end.  Time working as opposed to time staring at a motionless barbell.

My result – 11:54 (2:05 PR from 2014)

Good Luck & Keep Moving

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