16.3 – Pace It, but don’t Pace it

Something that is not in the video… commitment to pacing, but not pacing.  What does that mean?

Don’t treat this like a 5K.  It is a one mile sprint.  You will always be pressing as hard as you can, but the key is to pace so that you don’t hit RED-LINE at 2 minutes in.  Do some practice rounds to get a feel for your pacing, but when you do the workout you need to get to 85-90% excursion fast and hold it for as long as you can.

Another thing that I left out.  If you have bar mu’s for days… enjoy, cause this one’s for you.  If you are competent but not a master, press unbroken sets for as long as you can.  However, when the writing is on the wall break down to quick singles from a lower bar (2″ jump).  This will save your grip and minimize rest so that you can max your reps.

Let the sprints begin. Point 1 and point 2 were a grind over time. 16.3 is a test of how long you can press at the top end of your cardio capability. That is true if you are well rounded with gymnastics and if you can think under extreme fatigue. This video will key you into some ideas regarding prep, game time thoughts, recovery, and retest considerations.

Good luck and keep moving.

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