Achy Legs? Might be your Feet

Whether its at the back, hip, knee, or ankle, joint soreness in these areas is many times a direct result of issues at the foot.

And why wouldn’t it be?  We spend a large amount of time stabilizing and propelling our body from our feet.  But do we spend the requisite amount of time maintaining or restoring range of motion to the feet?

If you are/were like me, the answer is a simple “NO”.  I mean, it hurts.  That much discomfort can’t be good for you.  But the fact of the matter is that both personally and as a practitioner, working to restore the proper foot dynamics can work wonders for the health of the joints mentioned above, not to mention capability and performance of the entire system.

This video will highlight one of the many ways to attack the foot to increase range of motion and insure protection for the joints above.

Good Luck and Keep Moving

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