Fired-up Forearms and Elbows?

Not enough range of motion causes stress, strain, and inflammation at our joints.  However, too much range of motion and poor movement patterning can cause the same amount of stress, strain, and inflammation.

If you don’t understand the statement above, read it again.

Gents, a lot of us are in the first group when it comes to finding and utilizing a front rack position.  We don’t have enough range of motion and our wrists, elbows, shoulders, and neck get “pissy”… fast.

Ladies, many of you are in the second group of bashing in and out of unstable positions.  Much the same, the joints mentioned above start to throb and ache shortly after the workout.

This video will help produce more range of motion for the first group and provide more blood flow and tissue “compliance” (ability to stretch and contract without tearing up tissue) for the second group.

Enjoy and keep moving

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