Low back lock-ups? Open the hip!

“My low back just keeps locking up!”

In our heavily seated society, it is very common for us have shortened/tight hips especially at the front of the hip.  While the new trend toward standing does help significantly reduce this chronic tension and shortening, it is generally not enough to fully open the hip and create balance in the hip, pelvis, and lumbar spine.

Why is this important?  If you can fully open the front part of your hip, than you will inevitably hyper-extend and compress your low back… LOW BACK LOCK-UPS!

Many people know that the “couch” stretch or quad stretch is a good option to open the front part of the hip.  Unfortunately, it is often limited by a poor setup or a compensatory low back hyper-extension, rendering it relatively useless and a waste of time.

This video will help with the setup and the control of the stretch as you progress to full range of motion at the knee and hip, as well as low back injury prevention.

Good luck and keep moving.

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