My Knee is going to Explode!

Whether from previous injury, surgery, degeneration, or just tightness, the knees will often scream “mercy” and tap out of the front squat far before reaching full range of motion.  While it is obvious that training only a portion of your intended range of motion will only get a portion of the potential results, it may not be as obvious that this lack in range of motion will negatively effect everything above and below the knee.

Anything from plantar fasciitis, hip bursitis, and sacroiliac syndrome to lumbar spine disc herniations, rib sprains, and neck pain can be the result of a compensatory pattern starting at the knees.  On the contrary, having full knee range of motion and good functional movement pattern awareness can prevent or resolve the afflictions listed above.

This video will help you develop or keep your full range of motion at the knees and protect your entire system in the process.

Good Luck and Keep Moving



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