A Sphinx and a Turf Toe walk into a Front Squat

If you can think of a good push-line for this, let me know.

Anyone sit at a desk for long periods?  Stare at a computer for hours on end?

This one’s for you…

The reasoning behind highlighting the sphinx (upward dog variant) and the big/great toe is that they are often neglected as problematic areas.  Many of us sit in a chair and flex our spines and shorten our hips for hours on end.  Others duck walk with flared feet and blame it on genetics.  Several do both.  Regardless, doing these mobilizations will fight against these primary compensatory drivers toward overuse syndromes.

Furthermore, they are very easy to do at home and can yield a huge benefit in terms of posture and movement improvement.

Focus points:

  1. Don’t miss the opportunity to correct your posture while reading emails and checking facebook
  2. Don’t underestimate the importance of the great toe if you have these issues:

plantar fascitis, achilles tendinitis, jumper’s/runner’s knee, IT Band syndrome, low back pain, and the list could go on… it’s kinda an important joint.

Good Luck and Keep Moving

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