Pushups Help my Front Squat?

Hell yeah!  Now we may need to take an indirect route to prove this, but we don’t need to leave a bread trail and there are no witches involved.

If you have worked with me or an HPC doc and gone through a proper pushup, you know that it is the ultimate, body-weight, posture correcting exercise.  It produces great thoracic spine extension, scapular control, and upper extremity push-pull mechanical awareness.  If you don’t understand any of this, it is very important that you learn it so that every pushup leads you away from back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, and headaches instead of directly into their deadly clutches.

Specific to this video and the front squat, we need to focus on the top position when the arm comes to full extension.

Okay, but that’s not a front rack variant?

I know, and I get it.  However, by producing full extension and a fully locked out upper extremity on top of a solid and stable core, we can immediately produce better flexion for the front rack.  At a minimum, you will be safer in your fitness training progression.  On the other end, you may refine and perfect the front rack position.

Good luck and keep moving.

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