Wink at Your Wife, Not in Your Squat

Many people struggle with reaching STABLE depth in their squat variants.  This could be for many reasons but a big one is a lack of hamstring length.

When the hamstring is too short it will pull the pelvis under in the bottom of a squat and create a huge, whiplash like force to the lower back soft tissues and discs.

Okay… so what does that mean?

If you want to sprain your sacroiliac joint and associated tissues at best or experience the excruciating pain of a disc herniation, then keep winking in your squat.  If you want to experience the amazing and transformational benefits of the squat and only wink at your wife/husband/significant other/life partner/random stranger, then you best irradicate it from your fitness existance.

Attacking the hamstring may be a good place to start.

Good Luck and Keep Moving

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