My Head is Going to Explode!

My job sucks!

For those of you who know me and definitely those who are patients, you know this is not true.  Yet, nobody’s job is perfect.

One of the struggles with my job is getting people to understand two things:

  1. Change takes time… patience with true change and improvement
  2. The smallest things yield the highest long term benefit

Both Dr. Rachel and I have been blessed with a great patient population.  We treat smart people who are logical thinkers, so #1 is generally not a huge issue… rather an understandable frustration as we can’t speed up true and measurable physiological change.

The second struggle is REAL!

Deep down, we would all rather have an EXOTIC FLESH-EATING GRIMLIN be at the root of our problems.  In reality, most things we see are the figurative, “straw that broke the camal’s back”.

Little things done consecutively, consistently, and for long periods are at the root of our failures and success in every aspect of life.

This video will help make head, neck, and shoulder problems be a thing of the past if we decide to attack our flaws and recalibrate toward success.

Good Luck and Keep Moving.

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