Squat – Its All About the Bottom, Right?

Squatting is great.  If you are ever in need of a ultimate comment that is true… that’s it.

So why do so many people get jacked up doing it?

Trigger Alert – Gun Control – Political Topic – Next few lines

Much like guns don’t murder people, rather people using guns for bad reasons murder people… squats don’t hurt people, people doing bad squats hurt people.

squat-shut-upThat pretty much sums it up.  But where does it go wrong?

Many of the problems are due to either lack in mobility or lack in technical awareness as we progress toward the bottom and initiate out of it.  Less often considered it the top of the movement.

This video discusses how to efficiently “top off” a squat or deadlift and have the subconscious pattern transition to more complex movements.

Good Luck, Keep Moving, Share, and tell us what you think.

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