I Can’t Keep my Knees Out in the Squat!

Well that’s no good!

We have seen the progression of CrossFit, Functional Movement Awareness/Assessment, High Intensity Interval Training, and the like change the way doctors approach their patients as well as change the way people understand and approach their body.

That said, all of us who have received any “good” professional guidance with respect to the squat have undoubtedly heard the cue, “Knees Out”.  The cue itself harbors no magic, but the stabilizing change it is meant to elicit does.  That is, if you can do it.

Many people are very tight through the adductors, and specifically the groin… in the crease so to speak.  A major culprit is the pectineus muscle which resides very close to the “crease”.  If we are locked down here, it will be very difficult to maintain an appropriate “knee out” position as we approach the bottom of the squat.  This video will help fight against this affliction and help you refine the bottom of the squat.

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